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Experts in Musculoskeletal Medicine

At Spine & Sports Physiatrists, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves.  Our goal is to restore you to your active and healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible whether the goal is to return to sports, work, or just normal daily activity.

Many patients travel from doctor to doctor getting conflicting and confusing recommendations for their spine and joint problems.  Surgeons will offer surgery, pain physicians will offer injections, chiropractors offer spinal manipulation, and other physicians offer medications.  At Spine & Sports Physiatrists we consider these conditions from every angle, reducing expensive diagnostic testing and offering a cost-efficient, coordinated and diagnosis-specific treatment program.  Most often our recommendation is for non-operative treatment, however sometimes operative care is most appropriate, in which case you can be assured that every treatment option has been considered prior to recommending surgery.

Because of these factors, we feel that Spine & Sports Physiatrist

should be your first choice for musculoskeletal conditions.

What do we do?


  1. Treat patients of all ages: adolescents through seniors.

  2. Use a “team approach” keeping therapists, specialists and your primary physician in the loop.

  3. Consider conditions comprehensively from both an orthopedic and neurological perspective.

  4. Offer expert non-operative treatment.

  5. Read and interpret X-rays and MRIs to help make sense of your symptoms.

  6. Offer electrodiagnostic and diagnostic ultrasound testing.

  7. Treat injuries sustained yesterday or many years ago.

  8. Use a sports medicine approach for quick return to play, return to work, and get up and go!

  9. Consider all treatment options to allow you to make informed choices regarding your care.

Spine Care

Many people have reasonable questions and fears regarding spinal conditions.  They hear horror stories of family members undergoing painful injections, surgery, getting their "backs cracked", or becoming paralyzed.  Thankfully, the truth is that although there are emergency conditions of the spine, they are extremely rare and most patients have complete resolution of their symptoms ...

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