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Experts in Musculoskeletal Medicine


At Spine & Sports Physiatrists, we specialize in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves.  Our goal is to restore active and healthy lifestyles as quickly as possible whether the goal is to return  to sports, work, or just normal daily activity.

The vast majority of musculoskeletal conditions respond effectively to non-surgical care.  We provide aggressive, effective and coordinated non-surgical management of these conditions.  By participating in teaching and academic activities, we remain in touch with the latest surgical and non-surgical developments in musculoskeletal medicine and incorporate this new knowledge in the treatment of our patients.

Physiatrists are Musculoskeletal experts who treat injury and illness, decreasing pain and restoring active lifestyles.

A Coordinated Team Approach… Working closely with referring physicians, specialized therapists and surgeons, we are able to coordinate our patients’ care to enable them  to return to active and healthy lifestyles.

Consider us as the initial consult for your patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Why refer your patients to us?


  1. Treat all ambulatory spine and joint conditions

  2. Treat both ACUTE and chronic conditions

  3. Treat adolescents through adults

  4. Treat sports medicine injuries

  5. Treat work injuries

  6. Make sense of complex musculoskeletal xrays, CT and MRI results

  7. Perform high quality EMG / NCS with clinical correlation

  8. Perform diagnostic ultrasound of nerve, muscle and tendon

  9. Perform ultrasound guided aspiration and injection of joints, tendons and nerves

  10. Perform platelet rich plasma injection to repair injured muscles and tendons

  11. Formulate treatment plans with both surgical and non-operative treatment options

  12. Perform epidural and other advanced percutaneous spinal procedures

  13. Work closely with expert therapists and surgeons

Spine Care

Just as many patients consider spinal conditions frightening and confusing, so do many physicians. There is plenty of folklore to go around including stories of painful injections, unhelpful surgery, getting their “backs cracked,” or becoming paralyzed.  Physicians see long and confusing MRI reports and are often unclear as to whether they are the cause of the patient’s pain or just incidental findings ...

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